This is the illustration and lettering folio of Rachel Chew, a Melbourne-based designer, illustrator and typographer. This is her side hustle.

She is the lead designer at Swear Words (her main hustle).

As a child she would stare into a Sunday comic strip just to see the multiple layers of coloured screens. This love for printed pulp has now influenced her lettering and illustration work—as seen in her obsession with halftones, overprinting and bleeding.

Some clients include Esquire Magazine, Reach Records, AARP Media, The Cleverness Biannual, Scribe Publications, Lenny Letter and TED. You can read about her in an interview with Make Nice here.

Instagram: @rachelchew

& Recognition
Type Directors Club
Certificate of Typographic Excellence
TDC62, Typography 37

Communication Arts Award of Excellence
Typography Annual 2016


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